Scientific Partners

SINAY is an environmental consulting company located in Caen, France, focussing its activities on underwater acoustics and marine wildlife conservation. The R&D service develops tools for recording, analysing and monitoring underwater sounds. The company carries out large scale projects in the context of the implementation of European Directives and Regulations (Council Regulation 812/2004; Habitats Directive etc.) as well as acoustic impact assessments for industrial development at sea.

CIBRA Centro Interdisciplinare di Bioacustica e Ricerche Ambientali, is a leading research centre on bioacoustics located in Pavia, Italy. Since more than 20 years CIBRA carries out research project on underwater acoustics and marine mammal ecology (acoustic ecology of marine mammals), as well as coordinating the national stranding database ( CIBRA works closely with the Italian Ministry of environment on issues related to the impact of man-made noise on marine mammals and with the NATO Undersea Research Center (NURC) about the impact of naval sonar on these species in the Mediterranean Sea.

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